Updated: Beech 17

“Aircraft executive Walter H. Beech and airplane designer T. A. “Ted” Wells joined forces to collaborate on a project many considered foolhardy — a large, powerful, and fast biplane built specifically for the business executive. The Beechcraft Model 17, popularly known as the “Staggerwing” was first flown on November 4, 1932, setting the standard for private passenger airplanes for many years to come. It was considered, during its time, to be the premier executive aircraft flying, much as the Gulfstream executive jets are considered in contemporary times.”

CR1-Software is pleased to announce the release of the Beech 17 Staggerwing for FS-2004.
This model is an older Simtech Flight Design Ltd model that was put through a modernization revamp to upgrade many of its features to newer and better FS-2004 standards. It will perform at top performance at any level of detail, AI or player population settings. It has a very realistic air modeling system to deliver a outstanding and fun virtual flying experience! This add-on is set for veteran flight simulation pilots.
This add-on is configured to run is FS-2004 only. If you want to use it in FSX it will require modifications.

Some of the Beech 17′s features are:

  • Improved model nurbs
  • Improved “Shine” materials
  • Improved animations
  • Re-modeled crew
  • Rebuilt VC textures
  • Revised model upgrades in the VC
  • Nine new liveries
  • Great sound suite
  • XML gauge suite
  • New air model built from the ground up
  • Opening engine bay
  • Opening door and storage bay
  • New pop-up 2D panels
  • New clickable VC
  • Paint kit
  • VC operation manual
  • Optional satin and shiny textures
  • Installshield installer for easy installation
  • 24/7 support

We ask for a small donation of $2.00 to help offset our hosting and bandwidth costs due to the popularity of our products.
Special thanks to Solobo from the Sim OutHouse for his work on the Beech 17.
We really appreciate your support!


Updated: now includes two models: land and float

The installer will easily let you install one or the other, or both!

How do you feel?

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