Beech 18 Revamp

CR1-Software is very pleased to offer the virtual version of the great venerable Beech 18!
With beautiful detail the virtual Beech 18 is built to imitate the real Beech 18 in both looks and flying characteristics.
With high detail modelling and accurate functioning gauges and avionics, this virtual Beech 18 is as close as you can get to the real thing.
With Flight Dynamics by the highly revered and respected Flight Dynamics designer Tom Falley, this Beech 18 flies like the real thing.

Great for sight seeing or commuter trips or just heading out that secret little air strip you found out in the mountains this is a real treat to fly.

Thanks to Aerorush for this great video.

Here are a few features of the add-on:

  • High detailed Rhino 3D model
  • Dynamic Shine
  • Animated Pilots, opening rear passenger door and opening engine bays
  • Highly detailed Wasp Junior engine
  • Shock Absorber animation
  • Wheel rotation
  • Tail wheel animation
  • Flaps animation
  • Reflective glass
  • Two 2D Panels with four pop-up panels each
  • Two different Virtual Cockpits and passenger cabins
  • Great sounds
  • New world-class flight dynamics
  • Nine Liveries
  • Fully dynamic and mouse click-able VC
  • Weather effects
  • New vintage gauge set as well as new modern gauge set
  • Painter kit
  • Panel kit
  • Custom splash screens for Both FS9 and FSX
  • 32-bit as well as dxt3 texture choice sets
  • Operational manual
  • Professional-grade end-user friendly installation using Installshield
  • It’s dirt cheap and helps us out!
  • DirectX 9.0c compatible (not DX10)

The installer will take care of installation into FS9 or FSX (or both!), all for one low price: USD $7.50.

We now ask a for a donation of 3$ or more for this add-on.

How do you feel?

Make sure you “Return to merchant” after the checkout process with Paypal for instructions on how to get your download.

Note: We’ve released version 1.1 1.2 of the add-on, mostly installer fixes for 64bit systems, non-standard drive installation, but also includes glass texture fixes for FSX and a new default air file which is easier to manage. The hard-core air file is now optional and included as an extra. If you already have the old installer and would like to get the update, please drop us a line.