We are happy to announce the final edition of the Dr.1 for FS-2004.
The Fokker Dr1 was built by simTECH Flight Design Ltd in the year 2001.
It has since then been rebuilt from the ground up for FS-2004 and now is a completely new model in every way. It is designed to run at very high framerates and still look outstanding. The model was rebuilt to work better in FS-2004 and also accept new 32-bit high-end texture sets, and prevent framerate drops. Heavy focus was on the air file. The Dr.1 is not a beginner’s aircraft. It is set up with real world flight dynamics and will take practice to master at 100% realism.
The Dr1 is designed for FS-2004, not FSX. It will however work well in FSX aside from the prop anomalies that happen when a FS-2004 plane is ported over to FSX.


Some of the features are:

  • Animated pilot
  • Animated VC
  • Rotating wheels
  • Animated shock absorbers
  • Awesome sound set with real wind sounds
  • 23 Liveries including 4 of the Red Barron liveries and most of the Flying Circus liveries
  • XML gauges for smooth transitional gauge reading and low framerate hit
  • Installshield extraction for fast downloads and safe packaging
  • Historical documents
  • Flying guide
  • Paint kits
  • 24/7 support