We are pleased to present our newest addition to the CR1 under development, the CR1-Ford Trimotor standard version. The Ford Trimotor standard version is an iconic and very important plane in aviation history. It was the first major airline style passenger carrier built from 1927 to 1933 during which period 199 units were built and distributed worldwide. Built by the Ford Motor Company by automotive visionary Henry Ford, this great pillar of aviation history, the Ford Trimotor standard version, was not only used as a passenger carrier by many well know airlines of the time, it was also used as an air freight carrier as well as a supply and personnel carrier by the U.S. military and Canadian military, thus proving its ruggedness, reliability and versatility.

CR1 is very proud to present to our faithful fans and supporters the new virtual edition of the famous Ford Trimotor standard version for FSX SP2 and FSX Acceleration. This rendition of the Ford Trimotor standard version is a full 3DMax build. All applicable aircraft features that FSX offers are available in this version of the Ford Trimotor standard version.

Thanks once again to Aerorush for this great video.

Features include:

  • 3DMax model
  • Multi-layer textures with enhanced shading
  • Animated pilot and co-pilot
  • Full exterior animation suite, including gear flex and shock absorbers
  • Full interior cockpit animation suite
  • Land version models
  • Float version models
  • Passenger carrier models
  • Cargo carrier models
  • Airline pilots
  • Civilian pilots
  • Fully modeled cargo load – float cargo and land cargo versions
  • Excellent air file that represents the real Ford Trimotor flying characteristics
  • Opening passenger door
  • Opening emergency exit
  • Opening luggage compartment- underside of wings
  • Click and open interior window
  • Full interior and exterior VC lighting and nav lighting
  • Painters kit
  • Excellent sound suite
  • XML 3D gauge suite
  • 7 models
  • Nine liveries
  • Full Documentation suite – historical, knee pad and reference manuals
  • Easy and robust installer software to get you going

This add-on is of EXTREME DETAIL, it was designed for the new i7 processors and around newer multithreading and hyperthreading technologies that are prevalent in today’s operating game machines. It is recommended that this add-on is run on an appropriate computer with a recent and decent video card and multi-core processor as well as a good allotment of ram.

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