The Handley Page “HP” O/400 WWI bomber was the first winged aircraft able to carry a four man crew as well as two 500 lbs bombs with good range. It was soon met by the German air force with the capture of an HP O/400 that landed in a storm on German air field. Soon after the Germans produced the Gotha bomber with closely resembled the HP O/400.
We have reproduced the Handley Page O/400 “Hippo” for Flight Simulator 2004. It has many features usually only in upscale models, and we think it looks and sounds great as well! It’s pretty lightweight and should not give you a framerate hit in heavy scenery or heavy online traffic.
This version of the Hippo is designed FS-2004 only. It may run in FSX but has not been tested or set up for it, ie if you decide to run it in FSX you will have to make some modifications to the files in order to do so.


Some of the features are:

  • XML gauges
  • Animated crew, including front and back gunners
  • Animated front and rear guns
  • Folding wings
  • Animated cowl flaps
  • Shock absorber movement
  • Animated VC
  • Nine liveries
  • Amazing sounds
  • Accurate flight dynamics
  • User manual
  • Installshield extraction for fast downloads and safe packaging
  • 24/7 support