Big project announcement… soon :)

You have asked for a decade, you have pleaded for a decade, you have gotten downright mean and nasty and swore nasty words at us. Some of you have even ambushed us in the produce isle! Finally we couldn’t bear the pain and the suffering anymore, so after a few swigs on the Vodka bottle to boost our courage, the designers here at CR1-Software all swallowed hard and went to the boss and told him that we had to do it, and do it now. Of course we are talking about the CR1-Software FSX Acceleration prepared 3D model of the Dornier Do 335 Pheil!

The boss looked at us, blinked a few times and then threw his hands up in the air and bellowed: “About time! I have been waiting for you guys to build it for ten years! Yes by all means drop all other projects, cancel all holidays, forget your wives, husbands, kids and dogs.”

All kidding aside, we are hard at work on this project and getting closer to launch so we thought we would release a few details about the upcoming release.

Full animations of every imaginable part and fully interactive click and pull flying controls. Added to that a fully functional 2D panel with all the goodies you have come to expect from CR1-Software. Flight models built by the best air model designers in the industry. All specs for the flight model and the visual model took years of research to find and verify (hence the long wait for the new Do 335). You will get a hundred pages of material on the history and the design of the aircraft, its few missions it flew and who was who back in the day when this unbelievable aircraft was built. You will also be receiving a fully detailed “How to fly the Beast!” hand book (digital) to help you fly this great old war bird, and yes she is a handful!

Four models will be offered:

  • Do 335 Fighter – Bomber – Ground attack single seat – 7 liveries
  • Do 335 Fighter – Trainer – Dual seats – 7 liveries
  • Do 335 Fighter – Patrol – Reconnaissance – Radar night fighter – 3 liveries
  • Then there will be a very special version, a stripped down, lightened, sleek and over-horsepowered racer! Shiny, fancy, modern avionics and gauges and unbelievably fast! A pure-bred racer! 7 liveries

All compartments that opened on the real thing will open on this one and contents will be inside. All armament will be insanely modeled, detailed and animated to perfection! Guns will be accessible through opening gun bays as well as bomb bays. Animations will go as far as extreme pilot animations and a few other surprises on the pilots too! The air file will be modeled in 3 configurations, Easy, Medium and Full Realistic. Easy will be… well easy. Hard will feature failures, and warnings, breakages. These will be modeled into the project as well, so be prepared to see tweaked landing gear, bent up wings and injured crew, if you’re not careful you will burn!
This is not a light add-on. You will need to have a new up to date computer with the best ram, and a very good video card to run this add-on well. We built them to stand for many years so we built them for the future. More information will be released on the actual requirements as we get closer to release.
The Do 335 represents many years of growth. Form the days when we were simTECH Flight Design Ltd to now as CR1-Software ltd. we have always strived to do our very best in our designs and some of them, like the new Do 335 took a lot of years to gather the details and source to build it properly. Through the years you have supported us in our quest to build the best flight simulation add-ons we could. And we felt it was indeed time to hear your call. You have asked for it for years and years… and now we are proud to build it and bring it to you once again, the king of the skies… the fastest, meanest and deadliest prop driven plane ever to be unleashed on humanity: the mighty Do 335!
Drop by from time to time for more news and an estimated time of release to this news page of our website.
For any questions about the Do 335 or any of our products, please contact us through our customer service section! Or you are free to email Thomasjwood@shaw.ca

Thank you for your many years of support!!
Let the Good Times Fly!

The CR1-Software Team