In view of the world wide economic crisis that has engulfed us, CR1-Software has re-positioned itself to a better, more easily attainable retail pricing structure for our customers so that our customers as well as CR1 can continue enjoying the community. As Of January 2010 the new prices on CR1-Software add-ons are as follows: (all prices in USD)

  • $5.00 – For new add-ons without a click-able virtual cockpit
  • $7.50-$10.00 – For new add-ons that have a click-able virtual cockpit
  • $5.00-$7.50 – For enhancement packages
  • $15.00+ – For enhancement packages that have two or more products in one download

* All applicable government taxes apply.
** Expansion prices are set at time of release and no pricing cap is set on these.

Freeware put on hold
We regret that due to the new world economic crisis we can no longer afford to spend funds on freeware projects until the world economic scene is corrected. This is a business with real life employees with real life families to support and they are our #1 priority at this time.