Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero

Cr1-Software would like to announce to our loyal followers and supporters the Development of the new Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero.

Brought to Cr1 by a special commission request for build we are honored to be asked to build such an iconic aircraft. We negotiated a deal so we can also share the Zero with the flight sim community so all can learn and experience the great iconic little Japanese fighter of ww2.

The zero will have all the bells and whistles you have come to expect of Cr1 over the years, details such as opening engine bays, opening gun bays, and a real world flight model. The best modeling that is possible has been poured into this model.

Great for sight seeing or commuter trips or just heading out that secret little air strip you found out in the mountains this is a real treat to fly.

Planned is a high definition sound suite of the real zero sounds!

Also planned are real time period correct 3d gauges and labeling in Japanese as well as English.

A high poly mesh and animated pilot will be with you as you learn to fly this mega detailed Zero.

Experienced virtual pilots will appreciate the nimble little fighter and new flyers will have a challenge on their hands. Flying tutorials will be supplied so that even the newest of fliers will over time master the Zero and gain thousands of hours of sightseeing pleasure out of their flight simulators.

The Zero was built in 3ds max as well as Maya so the polies are bent just right to produce a model of near perfection as well as that famous Maya animation! Many hundreds of hours have been spent on the model so far with at least a few hundred more before full release.

There will be one more video and news release on this zero when it goes beta and one last video upon release day.

Over 22 years we have striven to do our best for our supporters. Again we strive to deliver to you our loyal followers the very best we can possibly do.

This is just the beginning of a new era here at Cr1. We invite you along for the ride!

Let the good time fly!