Trill’eon Chronicles is a new open world mmorpg development set in a post apocalypse era in sector IIIX of our universe. More on this will follow in new news later on.

The game is based on a book series by Thomas J Wood. The book series will be available for purchase and download through the website. Or you can go to any book seller on the planet and download it. Starting here:

Demonstrated are a few examples of the types of systems and assets that will be in the game. More updates will be made available as the game build progresses.

The game as of now is on a custom built game engine to get the flow and ideas of the game into place. Later on the game will be built on the Urho3D game engine for the way it can be customized to build what we need in our game.

The game will feature a massive world planet that will have its own dynamic and random weather systems. The world will have vast forest, deserts, mountain ranges and plains to explore.

Sprinkled throughout the world will be villages and small to very large cities where the player can set up shop, make a base for their clan and build an empire.

The game will be resource driven and a developer controlled economy like no other economy that has ever been in the gaming world.

Three player species will be available to the player to develop. The player will have approximately 50  plus attributes to build their character to be as unique as the player themselves. If you want to be a farmer then you can be a farmer but fight like a rogue fighter to protect you lands, if you want to be a warrior, with farming abilities and mining abilities, then you can. Players will literally be able to set up thier characters to be anything they want.

There will be 3 species and no classes as the player decides the customization of the character.

Three species are offered, human, high elf, dark elf. Orcs and other Biped characters are the sworn enemy of all players and are very dangerous NPC’s that proliferate the world. As well as many other monsters and dangerous animals.

Natural weather anomalies and land anomalies will occur randomly as well and will most likely kill the player if they are not ready or set up to survive. Such as earthquakes, landslides, mudslides, snow avalanches, hurricanes, flash floods, sand storms and on and on.

Players will be able to claim lands and develop them, and grow their clan to as powerful as they can, if they can defend it then they can keep it.

Under water ruins and vast water spaces the harvest, explore, do a little pirating will be available. Throughout the world will be many ruins from an age long gone to explore and glean valuable technologies from. Indeed it is up to the player to explore every inch of Trill’eon to find the gems that have been lost for eons.

There is no magic in Trill’eon, only your skill and the mastery of old tech. You can be a melee master, or a gunner, or both. You can master long forgotten energy weapons or you can just learn them all!

Be what you can be…

A unique leveling system will be in place. Players will not be able to be attacked by another character more than 2 levels above or below. This will keep parity in the game and discourage ganking or camping for lower weaker players

The game will be set for 100 levels on the planet itself then to unlimited levels after the players leave the home starter planet …

When they leave the home planet then the real game begins and it delivers higher rewards, but much higher risk.

Trill’eon is a massive, dangerous, open PVP world that will be beautiful and plentiful in resources. It will be up to you, the player to carve out their own destiny, fight, die win and lose. Only the strong and the iron of will with a sprinkling of smarts will survive.

Trill’eon is not foe the weak of heart or those that need their hands held, it’s for the best players in the world to test their metal against a serious game that takes no prisoners…but if your smart, and learn the hard lessons well you will be greatly rewarded as in no other game in history has ever rewarded their player base.

Stay tune to the Cr1 web site and the Cr1 official YouTube channel for more information as it becomes available.